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English Teaching Manager

We are looking for a committed individual who can help us set up our education programme for Thai farmers and their children throughout Thailand.

Teach English to International standards.

We need experienced teachers who are native English speakers to prepare classes that can be recorded by video and played by students in their own time. We also need teachers who can teach in the classroom, when needed.
The video teachers can be anywhere in the world. They do not need to be in Thailand to teach for the Thai Organic Farmers Development Foundation. They do not need to commit to full time work. Please contact us and we will see how best we can work together.

Offer your place as a learning center.

If you have a space that you can let us use as a learning center where we can put some computer desks, we would like to talk with you. It can be the second floor of your business, part of your office space that you are not using, an empty warehouse, etc. It should be located where transportation is not an issue and/or where there are a lot of potential students who will benefit from our Foundation’s free English to International standards programme

Other ways to help.

We need your help in any way that you can. You may help in the IT area, write articles for the website of the Foundation, help with fundraising, help with marketing, etc. We just need to know where you are and where you can be, for how long and what your expertise is. Please give us as much information as possible.

Auranic Computer Teachers

We need Thai-speaking volunteers to teach our students basic computer skills: email, the internet and Microsoft desktop applications. Prior teaching experience is not required, but strong communications skills are very important. 

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