Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation.
        Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation.   

Projects for funding

We have lots of individual projects that can be funded - both small & large.


Minor projects for individual farms per hectare 


  Thai Baht       USD
Provision of all Organic seeds             3,000          85
Provision of organic fertiliser             7,500         215
Crop training                                                        5,000         145
Provision of new Farming equipment          10,000        285
Irrigation systems           15,000        430
Solar panel systems for heating homes          10,000        285
Crop protection systems from the sun          25,000         715
International Organic Certification          50,000      1,425
Improvement to roads       100,000     2,850

Drying system for fruit, vegetables and herbs   

      200,000     5,700
Packaging systems       250,000      7,125

Upgrading farmers homes to provide water & electricity

      300,000     8,550


Major projects.

We plan to open a one-stop Organic processing facility in Chaing Mai. This will be the first of its kind in Thailand.



Individual quick frozen (IQF) facility to International Standards  On application

Spray Dry Facilities to International Standards

On application

Freeze Dry Facilities to International Standards 

On application

Provision of telecom & Internet services for each region

On application
Education programmes On application

Provision of retail shop & restaurant in each region   

On application

Auranic branding of products for retail/export markets    

On application

Purchase of land to set up and run an Organic farm.

On application


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