Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation.
        Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation.   

About Us

We are Committed to helping our Farmers

We are a not for profit Organisation.

Since starting our project in 2010 the number of participating Organic farms has expanded from 15 to 289. The location of these Organic farms are all over Thailand: North, South, East, and West and includes many indigenous Hill Tribes in North Thailand.
Organic Farmers or conventional farmers who want to switch to Organic farming can contact our foundation for the following support: 
•    Provision of all seeds, organic fertilizer and any necessary equipment free of charge to help them convert to organic.
•    Regular farm visits to inspect the progress towards Organic farming and help in obtaining Organic Certification to Thia or International standards.
•    Helping with technical advice and assistance in marketing.

Help will be given in the education of the farmers and their children to International standards in English.

All this is free of charge to the farmers and their children.

Our Directors:

Mr. Songyos Srirat (Bee) 
Ms.Saranya Pintachua (Dtai)
Mr.Prasit Chummani

Bee & Dtai both graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in English. After graduating, Dtai was an English teacher in the tutoring school in Chiang Mai. Bee worked as a tour guide. They met in 2006 and married in 2011. After they married, they had the chance to become involved with lots of farmers because Bee's mother had an Organic fertiliser business.  
At first, they didn't know much about Thai agriculture.  They just knew from their personal experiences that most products from local markets shouldn't be eaten as they were full of pesticides and toxic chemicals. They started to be very concerned about what they ate and the effects on their health and well being. Their thought was that no one would want to eat harmful things. They questioned why farmers used so many chemicals and pesticides.
They tried to study from many cases around Thailand and found that most farmers were poor and tricked by chemical companies into believing it was a good way to grow. Farmers were always told of the good results and profits but never about the harmful effects.  They deeply trusted the Companies from their hearts and just hoped for a better crop. Some of them got used to using pesticides and died soon after from cancer contracted from the use of harmful chemicals.
       They decided there was an urgent need for them to devote their time and energy to help and support farmers growing Organic crops. They have been doing this since 2011 under the name of Organic Development Center for International Standards (ODIS). They have co-operated with The Department of Agriculture and the Ministry of Farmers for information and training. 
To them it became like raising their own children. The more the farmers are trained, the stronger they will be. They try to support the farmers to progressively transform the chemical agricultural system into an ecological farming system. They believe this will benefit the environment and human food security.
    Mr.Prasit Chummani, a retired teacher, also agrees with what they are doing so they decided to set up the foundation “Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation” to give more opportunities to save poor farmers, hill tribes, and the environment.  


Need more information?

Plese contact us: Telephone+6691 853 8288   


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