Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation.
        Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation.   


Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation.

Why start our foundation?

    Thailand is an agricultural country that can produce the best quality products. However, the local agricultural sector continues to decline due to a lack of education.
Our Foundation is concerned about food safety and environmental protection. We began to promote Organic farming from 2010 to support Thai farmers to grow food in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We also help them to sell their products direct to consumers so they can have a better lifestyle.
We have opened an organic shop in Chiang Rai under the name “Auranic” to sell organic & premium food for local people.  Net profits are returned to the Foundation.

Support Sustainable Agriculture and Hunger Relief Efforts.


Our Mission

We are a not for profit Organisation.
Our aim is to help Thai farmers break the poverty cycle. We aim to provide a sustainable lifestyle for all the families both now and in the future. This will be done by helping them to convert to organic farming. 
We supply a wide variety of fresh and frozen Organic Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs. We also supply processed items.
Our aim is to improve the sustainability of farming in Thailand by encouraging farmers to grow Organic products and finding methods of selling them direct to buyers without the involvement of lots of middle men.

Help will be given to sell their products direct to consumers through our shops, Thai processing Companies and to export markets.
All net profits will be used to further our mission.
Full support will be given both in the provision of seeds, organic fertilisers, and the education of the farmers and their children to International standards in English.

All this is provided free of charge to the farmers and their children.

Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation

93/2 M10 Sansai MuangChiang Rai City, Chiang Rai 57000  



Telephone: +66 91 853 8288



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Thai Organic Farming Development Foundation